This training film guides the driver through the stages of recognising various disabilities. It covers the guiding principles for interacting with passengers with disabilities.

It includes scenarios demonstrating both good and poor practices, and it looks at some of the things a driver can do to make life a little less difficult for passengers with disabilities.

It has been developed with guidance from Henshaws Disability Support Service, who are actively involved in training programmes and consultancy services to organisations and service providers who support people with a visual impairment or disability.

This training film is made up of a individual chapters with an on-screen menu giving access to each chapter to suit individual training needs. Alternatively, there is a 'Play All' feature to play all chapters in sequence from beginning to end.

Topics include:

Passengers who are sight impaired or severely sight impaired - Passengers who have physical disabilities - Passengers who have learning disabilities - Passengers who are hearing impaired or severely hearing impaired - Help to spot passengers with disabilities

Running Time: 30 minutes

Format: DVD-R All regions

Classification: E – Exempt from classification

PCV Disability Awareness DVD
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