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Professional LGV drivers are exposed to a number of day-to-day health & safety risks. Focusing on driver safety rather than driving safely, this training film is an invaluable aid to all those involved in raising the standards of professional LGV drivers.

Entirely new and up to date, this safety training film is highly relevant to UK Drivers' CPC training but is also appropriate for general driver training and induction training and is suitable for both new and experienced drivers alike.

The content and all demonstrations in the DVD were carried out and supervised by experienced qualified trainers.

This DVD is made up of individual chapters with an on-screen menu giving access to each chapter to suit individual training needs. Alternatively, there is a 'Play All' feature to play all chapters in sequence from beginning to end.

Topics include:

Falling from vehicles

Dangers from other vehicles

Security of loads

Tail lift safety Fitness to drive

Hazardous substances

Use of PPE

Running Time: 35 minutes

Format: DVD-R All regions

Classification: E – Exempt from classification

LGV Drivers Staying Safe DVD